Gobbled up Some Miles

What a fun morning! Joined Chilan M. and about thirty other early-risers at Lake Lowell for a little unofficial Turkey Trot to start off our holiday right! The sun was coming up as I drove out with my friend Rachel C.. We shivered in the chilly morning air, then took off at an easy pace. Everyone was in good spirits and the truly fast in the group chose to keep things easy and light as they ran next to spouses, children and friends. It was a fun atmosphere and my favorite runner today sported a hat that looked just like a big turkey (gobbler included) right on top of his head! It’s hard not to smile when running with folks like that! It was also hard not so smile when I saw Sam C.making fun of the weather dressed in shorts and smiling like crazy, since he’s now fully recovered from a recent surgery and back to running again! Sam adores running more than almost anyone I know, so his joy was super contagious!

I had the pleasure of running next to a local pal, Patrick, who is a facebook running friend, but whom I’d never actually met in person. He and I ended up leading the gang for about four miles, as we chatted about ultra marathoning and racing. It was a good time! I held on as long as I could until a steep dirt hill around mile 4.5 or so where he just soared up and over like he had wings and I huffed and puffed my way up in 2nd place. I want to learn to run up hills like that! I do feel really proud of one thing, though. I didn’t walk a SINGLE STEP today – not even on the hardest parts of the hills in this course. Ryan A. – I was making you proud and hearing you prodding me along in my mind “Run, Christie! Don’t walk!” So, there ya, go, big brother! I did it! Hope you’re happy and yes, I plan on doing more of the same – no matter how snail-like that “running” looks on the uphills – I will improve! I am determined!

Lake Lowell was so gorgeous today. It just took my breath away and made me say, “Hmm.. someone should put on a marathon out here! Oh, wait!! I already DO!” www.runlakelowell.com – I really was blown away by the beauty, the scenery and it was a perfect way to start my Thanksgiving Day. The highlight of today? When Pat and I ran under the watchful gaze of a bald Eagle perched high above us as we ran on the trail below. Amazing…

Mile 1: 8:34
Mile 2: 9:16 (hello HILL)
Mile 3: 8:55
Mile 4: 8:44
Mile 5: 9:46 (hello BIG hill)
last .61 of a mile – 8:59 pace
Best pace: 6:28 (final kick, baby!)

Elevation Gain: 238 feet

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