Full Moon Morning Run

When I moved to my new neighborhood a couple weeks ago, I didn’t realize I was moving in very near to two of my ultra running pals. Both are men I admire a great deal and who bust out the 100 mile distance with grace and speed! It thrilled me (and scared me) a great deal when they invited me to join them on their “easy” morning runs. I was so nervous I could not even sleep last night, fearing that their easy pace would in fact be my hold on for dear life pace! hehe

I shouldn’t have fretted so much! My friends, Tony and Frank were very nice today and politely didn’t leave me in the dust (or out with the coyotes we kept hearing howling when we were on the trails under the moonlight!) It was a beautiful early morning. The moon was covered in a haze but gave enough light at 6 am that we didn’t even use our headlamps for the first mile or so until it got more technical. There was lots of laughter and and lots of fun! I can’t wait to join them again!

P.S. I wore the Hokas. They are starting to grow on me and no longer cause a blister when I wear them! Yay!

Oh, and did I mention I have another running date later this afternoon with another pal? Living in Boise is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Morning Run

  1. Hi!

    I enjoyed your post. Are you going to start doing 100’s too? 🙂
    I saw your link on See Steph Run. Are you going to have links on your blog at some point? If so, I’d be happy to to link to yours also.


    • Hey Michael,

      I am going to do my first 100 miler in March of 2012! I’m not actually sure how to link my blog to other blogs, but I’d love to do that. I’ll have to ask my more technical husband to help me with that. What’s your blog’s address so I can check it out?

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