I just wanted to share a little update! I haven’t forgotten about my blog, but since the move to Boise, I’ve been struggling to juggle it all and get back to my normal routines.  I’m still running! Since my last post, I paced a friend in her first 50k, ran in the Owyhee Mountains with 30 of my dearest friends just for fun, ran the Zeitgeist Half Marathon coming close to 2 hours and have been accepting all kinds of fun running playdates in my new town!

I didn’t have the internet back until yesterday and the furnace in our new place died in the last week causing some chaos in our home.  I’m buried under a thousand (at least) boxes that need sorted and put away. We moved from a home of about 2,000 sq feet to one that is nearly half that size, so I have MUCH sorting and throwing out or giving away to do, still! I am behind on homeschooling, my running schedule (for the 100 miler I’ve decided I’m going to run in March) and my hair has not been properly styled for public viewing in at least a month!!! Sadly, many people have have had to see me anyways, including my lovely friend, Casey who showed up today while I was still in the shower. She got the full shock of me without even a wisp of makeup or a moment with a hairbrush, bless her heart!

I am eager to get back to writing about my life, my kids and most of all — my running!!!! I promise to share all my adventures with you again just as soon as I dig my way out of the craziness of just having moved into a new home.   Soon! I promise! We will share laughs and photos and adventures again…   Until then….. think positive thoughts that I can find my hair brush! It really is getting out of control and it must be in a box around here somewhere.. hehe.

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