Streak Day 41 – Exploring New Trails

Drove the kids from the new house to the old house, while the garage door painter was at the new place, loaded up the Suburban with another big load of packed boxes and headed back to Boise to unload it. I had to park on the street since the landlord and the painter were taking up the long driveway. No problem though. After I put each load down in the house, I busted into a quick jog back to the vehicle, grabbed another box, walked briskly with it, then repeated the whole thing a ton of times. Both men asked me if I needed help. I said no. They asked if I was in a hurry since I was running. I said, “Oh no! It’s a gorgeous day and I’m just stretching my legs! I’m a runner and can’t help myself!”

As soon as I got that done, I quickly changed into running gear, grabbed the Nathan and a pb sandwich and headed out to see the new trials by daylight. It was so beautiful! I got lost a few times (which really didn’t feel bad at all since I was just exploring) and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Boise from a new angle since these trails are several miles from the ones I normally run. I had FUN!

Now back at the old house, to load up again and take the kids back to Boise for the night.

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