Streak Day 40 – Trails in the New Neighborhood!

I drove the 40 min back and forth between the old house and the new house three times, packing and unpacking boxes all day. Wayne and I loaded up our king sized bed and big screen tv on the final load, then came back for the kids. The kids were adorable, laid out in their sleeping bags, cuddling stuffed animals on the new living room floor while we ate popcorn and watched Captain America. My youngest, Savannah, curled right up into my arms and we snuggled through the whole movie, my heart just soaring at the precious moments we were sharing. It was a special first night in our new BOISE place! Yay!!!!

Once we got the kids all set up with the sleeping bags and popcorn, I reminded Wayne that I still needed to get in some streak time. It was freezing cold and after 9 pm. We bundled up and headed out the front door. The Garmin measured exactly 2/10ths of a mile to the closest trail head!!! How freaking amazing is that?! My headlamp is packed away in some random box, so we went without one. It was beautiful! After a few minutes on the trail, Wayne just stopped and stared at the Boise city lights below. It was spectacular! I forget sometimes that these beautiful scenes that I enjoy often with my trail friends are things my husband hasn’t experienced yet.

I couldn’t stop smiling thinking of all the miles I’ll be getting in the upcoming months now that I’m in Boise and so close to my wonderful, “Nature” playground! YAY!!!!

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