Streak Day 33 – Whew! I Needed That!

It was another busy day at my house. The kids and I packed boxes and cleaned all day in preparation for the upcoming move, I made and delivered some beef stew and homemade bread to my good running friend, Sam C. who’s recovering from surgery and then we ran a few errands in town and got home just before the sun was setting. I ate dinner, then grabbed the Garmin and took off.

I’d eaten beef stew 10 min before I left, so truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to feel much like running this time. I walked the first 1/3 of a mile and realized that I was really aching to push the pace just a bit and definitely wanted to run not walk. So, I did. My stomach was just fine. My IT band was quiet until I pushed the pace a little more, so I found a pace faster than usual but not so fast to make my knee start to really hurt. I have pacing duties this Saturday for my friend, Michelle and I’m not going to let her down by doing something stupid this close to her 50k!!!! So, I behaved myself (mostly!)

It got dark as I was running. I didn’t have a head lamp and I didn’t care. I hadn’t had time to put my hair up and it made me feel so free as it streamed out behind me as I ran. The evening chill in the air refreshed me and awakened all of my senses. About mile 2, I heard pounding feet and turned my head to see three stallions racing me in their corral as I flew by. Delighted laughter was my only response. It was wonderful.

And here’s a little something to make you smile!!

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