Streak Day 21 – Dedication

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Can you believe that Wayne would NOT buy me this super, awesome Batman mask today? I think I look pretty hot in it (hehe).  The man has no sense of humor!

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He did, however, buy me this sweet new bike for certifying the courses! All the other kids on the block are gonna be jealous, me thinks!!!

Today’s Workout:

We drove for hours today through the rain and wind. We checked in with the race director who hired us and got some information on the course we’re certifying, checked into our hotel, fed the five kids, went for a swim in the hotel pool and got in our pjs, climbed into our beds and were watching the BSU game on tv. That’s when it hit me – the streak!!!! I hadn’t done my run for the day!

So, I grabbed my husband’s baggy, warm BSU sweatshirt, threw on my Levi’s and Sketchers and headed out into the dark hotel parking lot to get in my run. I wasn’t sure how the IT band would react, so I intended only a speedwalk if necessary. Suprisingly, after the first lap of the parking lot and the next-door Applebee’s (who’s sign is so in need of attention it actually reads ees since so many lights are burned out), I found I was feeling alright. I picked up the pace and that made my Levi’s slide a bit, so I had to run a bit, yank up the britches, run a bit yank up the britches. The cool air felt good as I splashed through the puddles in the parking lot from the rain today. As I passed the Applebee’s two dudes, also wearing BSU shirts started yelling out, “RUN! GO BSU!” My out-of control long wavy black hair flew out behind me as I raced by them and I pushed the pace. I finished the little parking lot run at a 6:01 pace and would have gone faster but misjudged when to surge at the end. It was kind of fun. My husband looked at me questionly as I walked back into the hotel, sweaty and smiling in my baggy sweatshirt and jeans.

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