Streak Day 19 – Pure Chaos

This was the first day in the streak that I really started to think “It may end tonight.” My chaotic day started with getting the five kids up, dressed, fed and having them work on packing up their rooms for our upcoming move. I met my husband over his lunch break to view two more rentals. It was pouring down rain and one of the owners couldn’t get her keys to work, so we stood there in the rain for several minutes for nothing. The second viewing went so very well, that I “think” we’ve found out next home! The owner really seemed to like us and I think I nearly talked his ear off — but the house was good, the price was right and he shook our hands and said as long as his boss (aka his wife) had no problems with us being the tenants – we were in. (hehe!) We have a glowing reference from our current landlord and my husband’s been at the same job for 6 years, so, unless something really odd happens, I think we found a match! Yay!

The kids and I spent the rest of the afternoon packing and ushering people into our home responding to Craig’s List ads we have placed since we’re downsizing from a 2,000 sq ft home to one that’s just about half that size! It feels like a cleansing process – a simplification and I feel lighter with every item that’s carried off by a new owner (which unfortunately includes that cool new treadmill I got a few months ago, but rarely used.)

We weren’t done with the last buyer of the day until about 9 pm. I still needed to finish packing for our weekend trip to certify a marathon and half marathon course several hours from here, we hadn’t even booked a hotel yet for the weekend and my bike still has a flat (THE bike that will do the certifying of the courses!) We also had bills to pay online and groceries to buy and five kids to put to bed.

We did get the hotel reserved, the bills paid, the groceries bought, but when we went to the bike section to determine if we’d buy the new bike I’d been batting my eyelashes for or just replace the tube — we found that the ONE bike that fit me (I’m too petite for most women’s bikes and can’t reach the ground when I sit on the seat) had sold and every single new replacement tube in my size was sold OUT for my old bike!! Argh!!!!! We have 24 hours left to solve these problems, but I’m feeling the pressure!

It was after 10 pm when we finally got home and had the kids in bed. Wayne was grumping because he has to get up early to go to work and I realized I had to get in at least 1 mile tonight to keep the streak alive. It was a slog. It was dark. I was scared of my own shadow and when a neighbor (whom I did not see) said, “Hi” in the dark I think I jumped a foot in the air and yelped! But, I got it done! Now to go pack that darn suitcase!!!!

Oh, and did I mention that I’ll be biking a total of about 80 miles over two days to certify these courses?!!! Guess I’ll be getting my workout and STILL need to get in my running/walking mile each day, too! 🙂 I’m actually excited!

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