Streak Day 18 – Don’t Pants Your Poop!

If you’re unfamiliar with this little you tube video titled Marathon Thoughts, you may want to take a few moments to watch and enjoy it’s awesomeness!Β

I was hoping to do 8-10 miles today in the countryside. Wayne and I’ve given our 30 day notice on our current home and I wanted to savor the routes I’ve grown to love a few more times before I move to Boise later this month. Things didn’t go quite as planned, however.

About a mile and a half in, my cell phone started ringing. My first thought was, “The kids!”, so I stopped to see who it was. It turns out, my kids were just fine. It was my buddy, Billie, sending me a photo of her adorable new chihuahua, Fiona! The only pets I’ve ever owned were chihuahuas. I got my first when I was about 10 years old. His name was Chico Rodrico Diablo Combso (we added an “O” to our last name at the end to keep it nice and smooth!) πŸ™‚ He was my first (and last) childhood pet and we were very close. When I moved out on my own and finally settled into a great house for a dog, I again chose a chihuahua – this time a long-haired, pure white pure breed teacup one that I named Zacchaeus (Zach for short!) He was my little buddy and while I was student teaching, I even brought him along into the classroom for the day once to share with my students. I used to sneak him into the movies, church – all kinds of places! πŸ™‚ We had fun together! When I married Wayne, he asked me to give Zach away, since we were moving to an apartment and he wouldn’t be allowed there. It broke my heart to pieces, but I placed him into a home with one of my 5th grade students who was going through a tough time, who I knew would benefit from the love of a special animal friend. We don’t have any pets these days (just the five crazy kids who make enough messes that I’m not sure I have the energy to add “clean up after the dog” to my to-do list), but my pals know I’m a total sucker for tiny dogs still, so it was a lot of fun to see Billie’s new little pal during my run today.

From the start, my IT band wasn’t feeling great. It was sore and when I tried to find my “pre-injury” comfy pace, it would hurt worse. That made me sad. πŸ™ I finally settled into a Galloway scenario – run for a mile, walk for a minute or so, then repeat. That seemed to work ok, though I probably should have walked a little more.

The bigger problem today was the realization about a mile in that I really, really, really needed a bathroom! Now, when running out on the trails, this type of situation isn’t that big of a deal. You find a bush or a big tree, duck behind it, take care of business (and thank you lucky stars that you remembered to bring toilet paper) and then you go on with the run. Not so when running near civilization. For some odd reason, regular, non-trail-running types consider it illegal for a grown woman to pull down her pants and engage in that type of natural behavior in a public setting! Sheesh! (hehe) So, I had to slow down the pace, as not to aggrevate the stomach and I kept thinking of that hilarious you tube video during it all and most especially the line, “Don’t poop your pants” which by the end of the clip has become “Don’t pants your poop!” It made me laugh – and helped me get through those last few miles until I was safely home near my OWN BATHROOM!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!



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