Streak Day 17 – Walking With Wayne Under the Moon

Crazy, busy day!!!! Wayne worked all day and was on call all evening. He even got interrupted when we headed out for a quick bite to eat with the kids. There he was standing on the sidewalk outside of A & W while the five kids and I ate our burgers inside. Then, once we got home, we had to clean like maniacs since our landlord was sending over a potential new tenant for our house. I felt like the world’s biggest Nag with the kids and I’m sure the neighbors could hear my yelling from a block away, “Get that room clean! PEOPLE are coming!!!” Arrrghhhh!!!! I think I ended up re-doing every single chore the kids were supposed to do and Wayne’s call continued through it all, so I didn’t have his help – with the housework or the nagging of the five kids – for any of it. I even managed to get the lawn mowed again (even though I just mowed 3 days ago since I wanted to make a good impression on the possible new tenants.)

By the time the couple finally left, it was getting late, the kids were told they could come in from the backyard and eat Oreos to celebrate that we’d made it through the evening and I asked Wayne to join me for a couple of miles (which when he’s on call – means multiple laps around the block so we’re near the house in case he has to jump on the pc to help solve an IT problem for some grocery store. Their company oversees over 2,000 stores so he gets called a LOT!

The moon was a perfect half sphere tonight. It reminded me of being caught way up high on a dark mountain about 8 weeks ago during the Wild Idaho 50 miler when I was totally alone for part of that race —- just me and that beautiful half moon against a pitch black sky. That made me sentimental a little. My races are all special memories for me. Not all of them were easy – in fact, I can’t think of ONE of them I’d describe in that way — but they all left a mark on my soul and changed me as a person just a bit. I think of each and every one of them with a little wistfulness.

Wayne vented about his job and the government – his two favorite topics to grump about and I vented about the kids, the housework and the anxiety of moving our whole household in the next 4 weeks. Thankfully, we were not grumping at one another. It was just the “other stuff” in life today. The two miles flew by and I was glad we’d had that time together. The kids made us laugh, since they kept pressing their noses – all five of them – to the glass of the livingroom as we’d pass the house each loop and Jr even opened up the window at one point and we could hear them collectively calling out, “HI MOM AND DAD!!” – like we were movie stars in a passing parade they wanted to be noticed by. It made me giggle a little. I love those kids – even when they’re naughty and won’t clean their rooms fast enough!

2 thoughts on “Streak Day 17 – Walking With Wayne Under the Moon

  1. Aaaw… jeez… sounds like yesterday was a stressful day for you and family. Soooo… you found a house in Boise and moving in 4 weeks! Right? Yay!!!
    Hang in there, you’ll likely have some more stressful days like yesterday, but it will all work out! Really happy for you that you get to move to Boise, and less driving for you for those runs!! Now… hmmmm… can I fit in your suit case or a box and be a stow-a-way to you’re new location?!! LOL

    Keep remembering to stop and take a slow deep relaxing breath once in a while as you clean house and prepare to move. 🙂
    Hugs to you!

    • Tina,

      You’re so cute – and So tiny, you could totally fit in one of my moving boxes and move with me! (hehe!) What’s one more person to look after when I already look after 6 others, right? 😀 Thanks for the words of encouragement! It will all work out and I’m very excited about our move! I can’t wait!

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