Streak Day 16 – I Saw a COW!

I had a wonderful time at Stack Rock again today with my husband and many of my friends! Three of my running buddies even brought along their canine pals, so it was an especially cute group photo this morning just after sunrise when we all lined up. Randy and Nellie P. were there representing Daily Mile, too!

Nellie and I spotted a cow on the side of a mountain staring down at us, mooing after 3 miles or so. It was funny and I had to take a picture!!!! It was a fun day!

Stats: 8.05 miles. 2:00 :total time 15:00 average pace. 1,624 ft gain. 152: average heart rate. IT band a little sore by the end when I pushed the pace when Mark’s Golden Retriever passed me and I just had the overwhelming urge to run FAST and couldn’t stop! 🙂 Ran hard for about 1/2 a mile chasing a few of the guys and that Golden Retriever and felt happy I was on their heels (though I was breathing hard since I’m still fairly out of speed and hill shape!) It reminded me how much I love to PUSH HARD though! Weeee!

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