Streak Day 15 With The Andersons

Had oodles of fun this morning running with Michelle and Ryan A. We spent more than 14 miles on the trails at Stack Rock, started in the dark and enjoyed a nice sunrise, then Ryan (who ran the 100 miles earlier in the week) took a little nap in the car while Michelle and I ran down Bogus Basin Road for a few extra miles on the log. Loved the golden, red and crisp brown leaves on the trail, crunching under our feet today. Fall really is here and the scenery was all decked out in it’s Autumn Glory!

We bumped into our friends, Amy and Shanda as we got back to the car, just as they were getting ready to head out and tear up the trails for a bunch of miles too! It was a lot of fun!


Stats: 16.72 miles. 6:04 total time. 21:46 ave pace. 140: average heart rate. 3,320 elevation gain. 3, 938 ft elevation loss.

The best part was taking a look at my feet once I slipped my shoes off at home before my bath! How gorgeous are these babies?!!!!

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