Streak Day 41 – Exploring New Trails

Drove the kids from the new house to the old house, while the garage door painter was at the new place, loaded up the Suburban with another big load of packed boxes and headed back to Boise to unload it. I had to park on the street since the landlord and the painter were taking up the long driveway. No problem though. After I put each load down in the house, I busted into a quick jog back to the vehicle, grabbed another box, walked briskly with it, then repeated the whole thing a ton of times. Both men asked me if I needed help. I said no. They asked if I was in a hurry since I was running. I said, “Oh no! It’s a gorgeous day and I’m just stretching my legs! I’m a runner and can’t help myself!”

As soon as I got that done, I quickly changed into running gear, grabbed the Nathan and a pb sandwich and headed out to see the new trials by daylight. It was so beautiful! I got lost a few times (which really didn’t feel bad at all since I was just exploring) and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Boise from a new angle since these trails are several miles from the ones I normally run. I had FUN!

Now back at the old house, to load up again and take the kids back to Boise for the night.


Streak Day 40 – Trails in the New Neighborhood!

I drove the 40 min back and forth between the old house and the new house three times, packing and unpacking boxes all day. Wayne and I loaded up our king sized bed and big screen tv on the final load, then came back for the kids. The kids were adorable, laid out in their sleeping bags, cuddling stuffed animals on the new living room floor while we ate popcorn and watched Captain America. My youngest, Savannah, curled right up into my arms and we snuggled through the whole movie, my heart just soaring at the precious moments we were sharing. It was a special first night in our new BOISE place! Yay!!!!

Once we got the kids all set up with the sleeping bags and popcorn, I reminded Wayne that I still needed to get in some streak time. It was freezing cold and after 9 pm. We bundled up and headed out the front door. The Garmin measured exactly 2/10ths of a mile to the closest trail head!!! How freaking amazing is that?! My headlamp is packed away in some random box, so we went without one. It was beautiful! After a few minutes on the trail, Wayne just stopped and stared at the Boise city lights below. It was spectacular! I forget sometimes that these beautiful scenes that I enjoy often with my trail friends are things my husband hasn’t experienced yet.

I couldn’t stop smiling thinking of all the miles I’ll be getting in the upcoming months now that I’m in Boise and so close to my wonderful, “Nature” playground! YAY!!!!


Streak Day 33 – Whew! I Needed That!

It was another busy day at my house. The kids and I packed boxes and cleaned all day in preparation for the upcoming move, I made and delivered some beef stew and homemade bread to my good running friend, Sam C. who’s recovering from surgery and then we ran a few errands in town and got home just before the sun was setting. I ate dinner, then grabbed the Garmin and took off.

I’d eaten beef stew 10 min before I left, so truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to feel much like running this time. I walked the first 1/3 of a mile and realized that I was really aching to push the pace just a bit and definitely wanted to run not walk. So, I did. My stomach was just fine. My IT band was quiet until I pushed the pace a little more, so I found a pace faster than usual but not so fast to make my knee start to really hurt. I have pacing duties this Saturday for my friend, Michelle and I’m not going to let her down by doing something stupid this close to her 50k!!!! So, I behaved myself (mostly!)

It got dark as I was running. I didn’t have a head lamp and I didn’t care. I hadn’t had time to put my hair up and it made me feel so free as it streamed out behind me as I ran. The evening chill in the air refreshed me and awakened all of my senses. About mile 2, I heard pounding feet and turned my head to see three stallions racing me in their corral as I flew by. Delighted laughter was my only response. It was wonderful.

And here’s a little something to make you smile!!

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Streak Day 23 – Smelly Semis Full of Cows

I ran in the hotel parking lot for the last time tonight. We finished the certification and will be heading home tomorrow. I was nearly plowed over by a convoy of truckers hankering for some Applebee’s – all four of their trucks filled with cows! That’s a scent I could have lived without tonight! The moon was full and it made me smile. 🙂

A little funny story to share. I sent Wayne to the store earlier for some maxi pads. He came back with Depends.

Stats: 1 mile  Pace: 8:54


Certification Ride – Part 2

My derriere feels like I imagine it would feel if a few donkeys wearing steel-toed boots took turns kicking my backside over and over. The quads are fairly fatigued – but I’m so pleased that I finished my two rides today and did a really good job! Wayne still gets to play math and map genius tonight with the laptop so we can present the finished product to the city in the morning (and in exchange go home with our hard-earned check – yay!!!!) So relieved that everything turned out fine.

Stats: 41 miles


Certifying the Marathon and Half Course – Round 1


What a day!!!! It was SO COLD when we were doing our calibration this morning that I thought my face would freeze! I made it a point to remind Wayne how toasty I would feel if ONLY I had that awesome Batman facemask he wouldn’t buy me earlier this week. He told me to be creative (aka – stop whining and suck it up big girl) so I pulled out my ponytail and wrapped my long, crazy hair around my chilly ears and cheeks. It worked. I asked him if I looked awesome. He said I looked right out of Napolean Dynomite on my bike today. I knew that meant “I love you with all my heart and you are the most beautiful creature to grace this earth” or something close.

I got a few surprises today. Part of the course is on a dirt road. Did I mention the RAIN from yesterday? The dirt road was soupy mud, rutted, gloppy, thick and downright difficult to drive along while riding a sweet Cruiser bike (no matter HOW cute the color, it did nothing for manuverability!) I slogged and grunted and pushed through. It seemed to go on forever. After about 2 miles of that, it turned into a gravel road. The gravel fairies had left more than the fair share, so the new challenge was pedaling through the gravel (grunt, grunt, grunt.) I was so relieved when I saw asphalt again after that! Unfortunately, the hills from hell were waiting to throw what they could at me then. I think I nearly started a field fire my quads were burning up so much. I lost count, but man oh man were there a lot of hills today!!!! Wayne would pull up next to me and shout out the next number to watch for on the counter – always 6 digits long. I’d repeat it to myself while staring down at my front tire at the counter until we had it right on the nose. Then we’d stop, place a marker on the side of the road and then do the next one. We do this for each and every mile for round one. It’s SLOW going! All the info gets typed into the laptop as we go. Tomorrow, we’ll get to also make notes on the physical address (hard to find on most of this course since it’s in the countryside mostly), so we’ll get to pull out our crazy long tape measure and find things like caution signs, lamp posts with any type of numbering, etc and make note for each and every mile where the mile on the course is in relation to some physical thing or address like that. That will be part of tomorrow’s fun and games. 🙂

We had one major freakout moment. We thought the counter broke today at mile 24 of the course! EEEK! You can only buy these counters from a guy in Colorado. They take like a week to ship and cost about $150. Sitting on the side of the country road with panic in our eyes, I was fearful we’d done all that work, come all that way and spent all the money we had and may not get to finish the job!!! So stressful! My genius of a husband spent about an hour working with it, though and fixed it!!!!! He got a big kiss for that one! I was so relieved!!!!! Everything was fine after that, though it was getting dark.

We watched the sun set. The five kids were pretty patient considering they had to ride around in the Suburban today for about 9 hours. They got to practice peeing in the countryside a lot today. I think everyone but the 12 year old thought that was FUN! We rode the half marathon course and did our markings and notations of counter numbers long after it was totally dark out.

Oh yeah – wildlife encounters! I sniffed three separate skunk stinks today. Phew! I stopped by bike twice to let a fuzzy black caterpillars cross my path (so cute!!!) I saw lots of sheep, horses, cows and DOGS today! I nearly died when huge barking dogs came after me on the bike -not once, not twice but three freaking scary times today!!! I’m so glad I didn’t get bit, but man, it was frightening!

Celebrated having day 1 complete by taking the kids to Arctic Circle and getting then ice cream while they played on the playland. I went for a burger, fries and a HOT COCOA for my frozen hands!!!!!!

Need to head back out into the dark parking lot of this hotel and run a mile next. Can’t let the streak die!!!!

Stats: 42 miles of biking


Streak Day 21 – Dedication

Shared Photo

Can you believe that Wayne would NOT buy me this super, awesome Batman mask today? I think I look pretty hot in it (hehe).  The man has no sense of humor!

Shared Photo

He did, however, buy me this sweet new bike for certifying the courses! All the other kids on the block are gonna be jealous, me thinks!!!

Today’s Workout:

We drove for hours today through the rain and wind. We checked in with the race director who hired us and got some information on the course we’re certifying, checked into our hotel, fed the five kids, went for a swim in the hotel pool and got in our pjs, climbed into our beds and were watching the BSU game on tv. That’s when it hit me – the streak!!!! I hadn’t done my run for the day!

So, I grabbed my husband’s baggy, warm BSU sweatshirt, threw on my Levi’s and Sketchers and headed out into the dark hotel parking lot to get in my run. I wasn’t sure how the IT band would react, so I intended only a speedwalk if necessary. Suprisingly, after the first lap of the parking lot and the next-door Applebee’s (who’s sign is so in need of attention it actually reads ees since so many lights are burned out), I found I was feeling alright. I picked up the pace and that made my Levi’s slide a bit, so I had to run a bit, yank up the britches, run a bit yank up the britches. The cool air felt good as I splashed through the puddles in the parking lot from the rain today. As I passed the Applebee’s two dudes, also wearing BSU shirts started yelling out, “RUN! GO BSU!” My out-of control long wavy black hair flew out behind me as I raced by them and I pushed the pace. I finished the little parking lot run at a 6:01 pace and would have gone faster but misjudged when to surge at the end. It was kind of fun. My husband looked at me questionly as I walked back into the hotel, sweaty and smiling in my baggy sweatshirt and jeans.


Streak Day 20 – Warming up the Legs for the Weekend

The legs are feeling less-than-enthusiastic. The IT band is still panicking when I try to even jog slowly. I walk a lot still. I’ll get there again. Months from now, I’ll hopefully be gliding along, looking down at my pace on my Garmin and thinking, “Wow, that feels so effortless! It’s like I’m floating.” That is the hope. In the meantime, I just keep moving forward.


Streak Day 19 – Pure Chaos

This was the first day in the streak that I really started to think “It may end tonight.” My chaotic day started with getting the five kids up, dressed, fed and having them work on packing up their rooms for our upcoming move. I met my husband over his lunch break to view two more rentals. It was pouring down rain and one of the owners couldn’t get her keys to work, so we stood there in the rain for several minutes for nothing. The second viewing went so very well, that I “think” we’ve found out next home! The owner really seemed to like us and I think I nearly talked his ear off — but the house was good, the price was right and he shook our hands and said as long as his boss (aka his wife) had no problems with us being the tenants – we were in. (hehe!) We have a glowing reference from our current landlord and my husband’s been at the same job for 6 years, so, unless something really odd happens, I think we found a match! Yay!

The kids and I spent the rest of the afternoon packing and ushering people into our home responding to Craig’s List ads we have placed since we’re downsizing from a 2,000 sq ft home to one that’s just about half that size! It feels like a cleansing process – a simplification and I feel lighter with every item that’s carried off by a new owner (which unfortunately includes that cool new treadmill I got a few months ago, but rarely used.)

We weren’t done with the last buyer of the day until about 9 pm. I still needed to finish packing for our weekend trip to certify a marathon and half marathon course several hours from here, we hadn’t even booked a hotel yet for the weekend and my bike still has a flat (THE bike that will do the certifying of the courses!) We also had bills to pay online and groceries to buy and five kids to put to bed.

We did get the hotel reserved, the bills paid, the groceries bought, but when we went to the bike section to determine if we’d buy the new bike I’d been batting my eyelashes for or just replace the tube — we found that the ONE bike that fit me (I’m too petite for most women’s bikes and can’t reach the ground when I sit on the seat) had sold and every single new replacement tube in my size was sold OUT for my old bike!! Argh!!!!! We have 24 hours left to solve these problems, but I’m feeling the pressure!

It was after 10 pm when we finally got home and had the kids in bed. Wayne was grumping because he has to get up early to go to work and I realized I had to get in at least 1 mile tonight to keep the streak alive. It was a slog. It was dark. I was scared of my own shadow and when a neighbor (whom I did not see) said, “Hi” in the dark I think I jumped a foot in the air and yelped! But, I got it done! Now to go pack that darn suitcase!!!!

Oh, and did I mention that I’ll be biking a total of about 80 miles over two days to certify these courses?!!! Guess I’ll be getting my workout and STILL need to get in my running/walking mile each day, too! 🙂 I’m actually excited!