Streak Day 12 With the Hunk O Burning Love

Today is day 12 of my streak! I’m really enjoying it! I always give myself a little Hello Kitty stamp (don’t judge!) on my calendar when I do a run and it’s kind of fun to see so many pink stamps in a row for the past several days!

My husband, Wayne is making me so proud! This is week two of his “beginner training” run/walk program with me. He hasn’t missed a run yet! I, honestly think the gentle pace is helping my knee to continue to heal and the bonus miles each week are really helping me too without taxing my body too bad! It’s a win/win!

Wayne does IT support for a large grocery chain. Today he worked from 6 am – 2:30 pm, then has been “on-call” all evening (and will be until 4 am tomorrow) and he gets to be back at work at 6 am again in the morning! He’s also got a half hour commute each way! He’s working so hard that it really is a challenge to fit in exercise at times! But, my husband has not used that as an excuse and I’m so very proud of him for sticking with our running schedule despite this craziness!!!!!!

Tonight, when I told him it was a run night, he laced up his running shoes, grabbed his work cell phone and we headed out the door. We ran around the block over and over, needing to stay close to the house in case he got a call and had to jump on the laptop and rescue a grocery store who’s computers had gone down or a gas station or pharmacy had suffered other computer-related problems. Believe it or not, in our 2 mile run, Wayne got called three times! Two of the times he was able to keep walking and solve the problem by walking the caller through their issue and resolving it. I have to admit feeling very impressed with him when I listen to all the technical jargon and haven’t a clue what it all means, but know that his wisdom and help will solve a problem for some grocery store out there tonight! The third call was bad enough, he had to go into the house and log onto the pc to finish it up. He could have just thrown up his hands in the air and said, “Enough!” and quit our run – but he came back downstairs and we headed out to finish what we started.

I told him how proud I was of him – for all the hard work he does to support our family of 7 and for the dedication he’s showing to getting healthy with me! When we started the run, the sun was just setting. The horizon was serene and lovely in shades of orange, pink and purple. After the final interruption, we were running under a velvety black sky with a million stars overhead. I found a lucky penny and picked it up. It made me feel happy. I think I’ll save this one and tape it in my running log and give it back to my husband at some point, reminding him of these early runs in our “running relationship.” I hope he thinks it’s romantic!

As for my plans for my current streak….. I’m on day 12 right now. If I keep going, my next half marathon will fall on day 50 and Christmas will fall on day 100!!! I have been thinking of a crazy way to commemorate 100 days of streaking and I think I have it! If I make it too day 100, I will streak 1 mile naked (hehe!) Don’t panic (especially if you are my neighbor!!!) I will do it in the dark, late at night, out of sight of my kids, in my fully fenced backyard with only my adoring husband there to cheer me on!!!!! I think he’s going to like this plan!!!! Maybe he’ll even join me!!!! Considering it might be cold and snowy at Christmas, I think it sounds pretty wild and funny!


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