Streak Day 11 – Dedicated to Ryan the Great

My good friend, Ryan, who just completed his first 100 mile race asked me to dedicate today’s run (which is day 11 of my running streak!!) to him since he’s still recovering and cannot run. As it turned out, I’d already set up a running date with his lovely wife, Michelle, so it seemed like a perfect run for his little dedication. Michelle and I had an awesome time enjoying the mountains this morning, chatting about our bladders, our husbands and our kids – yeah, pretty much in that order, too.

We saw the cutest little lizard at about mile 2 who couldn’t have been more than 2 inches long (including his tail!) I took his picture! Hitting the Ridge Road and enjoying the shade trees for a bit was a real treat! On the way back down, I stopped to take a picture of a Mormon Cricket (he had a nice haircut, was riding a little bicycle and had a backpack and everything – tehe. No, just kidding. I do wonder how these little black critters earned that name, though!) Our best wildlife sighting of the day came about a mile from the end. I spotted a bullsnake (which look a great deal like rattlesnakes!!) He was partway across the trail and partway in a dry bush. Michelle was so excited! She said it was her first snake sighting during a run!!!! I took a few pictures and all of a sudden, the snake curled up, reared it’s head at us and started hissing loudly! I started screaming and running the other way and yelled back over my shoulder at Michelle, “I lied! I’m the one who was scared of snakes at Wild Idaho – not Ryan! EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!”


We found the lovely spot on the trail where various runners, hikers and cyclists have stopped to place stones into a heart formation. I took a cute picture of Michelle there and told her I’d use it as my special photo for the day since this run was for her hubby! 🙂 It was a special time! Lots of fun!

Stats: 6.77 miles 129 heart rate. 2,049 feet of elevation gain.

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  1. I enjoy stopping by for a visit, looking ay your beautiful pictures and reading your posts! Would love to run with you, well…way behind you! You are a hoot and I give bear hugs too!

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