Hoka One One Test Run (Day 5 of Streak)

I got some new shoes! I’d been eager to try out the Hoka One One’s since I first viewed these crazy, boat-like flotation devices on the feet of many at Big Horn this year. I’ve since ran into other local trail runners who swear they are the greatest things since sliced bread, so, when I won a gift certificate for free shoes from Bandanna this past weekend, I knew exactly what I would cash in my prize on (and considering the grand total came to over $180!! I’d say I got my money’s worth!)

I first came home with the Mafate Women’s shoe in size 8 after trying on the Bondi B, Stinson and the Mafate at the store. The sales guy was a real gem and was really great about letting me take my time to find the right fit and the right Hoka for my needs. I’d done some homework, so, my husband sat by with a sly smile as I jabbered on and on about which shoe was for which purpose (I think I taught the sales guy a thing or two – haha!) The Mafate are the trail shoes. They come in women’s, men’s and unisex styles! The Bondi B are the road shoes (and look much smaller in comparison to the other two models.) And, the Stinson are supposed to be the best of both worlds – part road shoe/part trail shoe.  I knew I wanted a trail shoe, but did enjoy trying on all the various styles to get a feel for what they were like.  “Cushy” is the first word that comes to mind! And “Floppy” at first too, before I really yanked on the shoe strings and got a snugger fit.

After a few test runs on the sidewalk outside of the store, I ended up buying the Mafate women’s shoe in size 8 (the closest they had in stock to my usual size of 8.5.) I thought it would work. It felt fine on the little test run, but when I took them out on the trails on Sunday, I quickly developed a little blister on my baby toe.  The toe box of the shoes all seemed a bit narrow in comparison to the other shoes I own (mostly Asics Cumulus 10’s and Brooks Ghost 3’s.)

Bandanna was awesome and exchanged the shoes for the Mafate Unisex (which were MUCH cuter with the bold yellow, black and gray than the boring white and blue of the women’s version!) I bought those in a Men’s size 7.5 (which according to the tongue tag is equivalent to the women’s size 8.5 though the toe box is slightly roomier than the women’s version – so it was PERFECT!)

I wore the newly exchanged Hoka One One Mafate Low shoes today. No blisters or hot spots this time! Yay! I really do love the traction and grip on the soles! They are the best grip I’ve ever experienced (keep in mind, though, that I did all my ultra marathons and 99% of my training in plain old Asics Cumulus 10 road shoes!!) I love the wide surface area on the bottom. I never felt unstable and in fact felt MORE stable with more surface area to grab with on the downhill sections (very small today since I was running a canal path and not in the mountains.)  I’m eager to take them on a really long trail run with more climbing, downhill and some technical stuff to give a better review. I will report back after Sunday’s long run in them!

My IT band is still sore and stiff after a few miles, so from the start, I did more of a Galloway run. I’d walk for at least a minute of every mile – more if the knee was feeling off. I also walked to warm up and walked at the end to cool down. My calves are still feeling kind of sore from my race on Saturday and my 18 mountain trail miles on Sunday. Slowly but surely….. I’ll rebuild this running body!

I didn’t want to carry a waist pack today. I always carry my cell phone and a house key when I run, though, so my kids can call me if they need anything and so I can let myself back into the house when I get back. Luckily for me, I wear a Moving Comfort bra! They’re awesome! The ones I wear have two layers of fabric, so in the past I’ve used the little “pocket” that creates to stick gels during runs. I’ve done that for over a year! I’ve also put tissue or other things that I needed nearby in my “secret pockets”. Today I figured, “Heck, why not try the phone and key too?!” And, it worked beautifully! Yay!!! No more wearing my annoying waist pack on short neighborhood runs!!!!!! Who needs a fuel belt when you have a BRA, right?!!!! 😀

6 thoughts on “Hoka One One Test Run (Day 5 of Streak)

  1. i always stick my phone in my bar, without the pockets. i make sure face the cover towards my sweaty part though so as not to ruin my screen. i figure that’s what bras are for. my last race you could see my iphone on my left boob. you’re rebuilding FAST, I’m amazed.

  2. Hehe! Maybe that IS what bras are for! 🙂 Thanks! It feels like slow-going to me, still, but hopefully I’ll be running without any pain again in a few weeks and can up my mileage and distance again!

  3. Nice review on the Hoka’s.
    Hey, such a great idea about the bra… I have one that has a layer that makes a pocket, too. I’ll have to try that! 🙂

  4. Love your blog. I stumbled across it when I was doing product research for Hoka One One’s. I am also running a 100 miler in March 2012. Antelope Island 100 miler in SLC area. I live in Spokane, WA, have 5 kids also, and do ultras. Perhaps I will see you around at some races (in my Hoka One Ones!).

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