Hubby/Son Run Under the Stars (and.. Day 3 of Streak!)

What a fun night run under the stars with two of my favorite guys!!!! My husband has agreed to let me coach him and help him become a runner! Yay!!! I printed up a new, beginner (Galloway Style) schedule for him today and tonight, I whisked him off on his scheduled 2 mile walk/run. My husband does tech support for a large grocery chain and though he worked all day long at the office, he was on call tonight, so we had to stay really close to the house for this run. It was fun. The stars were out and it was really romantic. My husband’s really into astronomy, so he started telling me about a bunch of new planets that have been discovered and future plans our space program has for eventually going to Mars. It was interesting hearing him chatter about something he really has a passion for.

When his 2 miles were done, my son Wayne Jr looked at me all big-eyed and begged to go running too! I told him my schedule called for 3 easy ones tonight, so he could come if he put on his shoes. He was in his Mario Bros flannel pjs, which I thought made him the most adorable running partner I’ve had yet! 🙂 We settled into an easy 11:30 ish pace and just chatted and ran side-by-side. He told me that he really liked running trails this week and wanted to know when the next trail run with his buddy, Zach would be. I showed him the Big and Little Dippers in the sky and we enjoyed the cool evening air, running in the dark. My husband sat on the bench on our front porch, while my 4 and 6 year old daughters put jewelry and pretty hair clips on him while he played a game on his smart phone. (hehe!) He wanted to stay outside to kind of keep an eye on me and Jr as we ran in the night. It was sweet. Every time we passed the house, the little girls would yell out, “Hi Mom and JR!!!” The little poodle from two doors down chased us down the block, but only made us giggle. I was definitely NOT afraid of being chewed to death by that little fella and Jr thought it was hilarious too!

I’m really trying to work on finding a better balance with my family life and my running goals right now. I felt like tonight was a very good start! AND…following in the great example of my Daily Mile friend, Tom L. who’s on a seriously awesome running streak – I decided to start one of my own. This is the third day in a row I’ve ran and I’m hoping I can hit at least 50. I’m fine if that means just 1 mile on many days. I think it will be motivating and fun to see how far I can go with it – and it really will provide the smaller mileage days I need to help my husband and son to become comfortable as regular runners! 🙂

P.S. I forgot to mention the wolf whistle when my husband and I were running along the main road and a car drove by. He looked at me and said, “Can you believe that guy just whistled at me even with this big gut I’ve got?” I said, “Well, you’re pretty darn sexy, honey! What do you expect?!” haha

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  1. I think I only got the wolf whistle because the way the headlights were reflecting off of me made my curves look more appealing than normal. 😉
    Thanks for the run coach. 😀

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