Intervals, Baby!

Harvest Classic

Ok! I signed up for a race. Just a little bitty one. The race is called The Harvest Classic and it’s been going on in my town for a bajillion years (give or take.) I used to run the 2 miler for fun when I was in high school and college when my Mom used to drag me along with her.

Last year was the first time I’d done the race in about 15 years. I did the 8k last year and had gotten pretty lucky and scored a free entry. My parents were there and my friend, Billie, too. I told all of them, “I’m just going to have fun with this and not be competitive” since I knew I had a 20 mile training run the next morning. I really did hold back – for the first mile, then relaxed and had fun with it and ran a “teeny” bit faster for the rest. Boy was I shocked when I got 3rd female overall! I guess all the fast ladies stayed home and slept in last year. hehe. I actually got a check for $50 prize money from that race! How stinking cool is that?!!! Well….here we are again and this time I’m injured. 🙁 So, I’m not even going to sign up for the 8k this year. I can do the distance but not competitively, I don’t think, so instead, I turned in my registration today for the 2 mile race instead. There’s no money and I’m not likely to be competitive BUT, I also am keeping my re-injury risk lower by doing just 2 miles instead of the nearly 5 o the 8k.

Signing up for a race – even one that’s just a week away – should require a BIT Of training, though, right??? So, I figured – hey, it’s been about a year since I did intervals. Why not do just a few short ones today and kind of get an idea where I’m at in healing and in terms of choosing a race pace goal that’s reasonable at this point in recovery.

I went with warm up, then 6 intervals of 1/4 mile at sub 8 pace with 1/4 recovery and cooldown. Figured it would be challenging but not overwhelming. It turned out to be SPOT ON!

Here’s how it went down:

Warm Up: 1.48 mile – 15:08 pace (walked the first mile to warm up the IT band)

Speed Intervals:
1. 7:24
2. 7:05
3. 7:57
4. 7:54
5. 6:55
6. 7:15

Recovery splits:

1. 9:29
2. 11:25
3. 18:45 (did stretches halfway through and drank water)
4. 9:43
5. 16:12
6. 14:34

Cooldown (lots of walking to be nice to IT band) – .78 mile at 12:08 pace.

Average Heart Rate: 145. Max Heart Rate: 195 Best Pace: 5:53 Felt: GOOD! I love speedwork and I felt like I was “home again.” 🙂

P.S. I got wolf-whistled at by some dude driving by in his car. It only made me run FASTER!! haha

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