Bertha And I – Together Again at Stack Rock

My best friend Bertha has been struggling with sciatic nerve pain so severe it was overwhelming. She’s been to PT, chiropractic care and to her physician several times in the last few months to deal with the problem – and she was told not to run at all until it was resolved. She’s been so sad without our runs and it was breaking my heart to see her so unhappy (plus I was missing our “girl talks” we get during our runs like crazy!)

Thankfully, last week the doctor gave her a new medicine to deal with the inflammation that actually WORKED and he told her she could carefully start to rebuild her running base again as long as the problems didn’t flare up again! Yay! So, today, I took her on her first run in several months! It was a very special time between two close friends who’ve been pals since we were 6! 🙂

I couldn’t stop smiling once we got out of our car at the trail head on Bogus Basin and out into the forest — the strong scent of Evergreens in the morning air, the bright, clear cloudless blue sky above us and two friends out for some gal time and a little running! It was wonderful!!!! We had such a good time! We dinked around at the the Rock for maybe 40 min. Bertha is such a daredevil! She was climbing up the side of that huge thing and scaring me to death (while I took her pictures to prove to everyone what a super, tough, awesome gal she is!!!!)

The huge smile on her face after this 8 miler (and the mid-run rock ascent) really boosted her confidence in herself again! She was feeling pretty thrilled and it made my heart happy to see my friend feeling confident in herself again! GO BERTHA!!!!

Moving paces (without 9,000 photos and the rock climb – haha): Pace: 17:56. Total time: 2:25. Elevation Gain: 1,603 ft. Start Elevation: 5,319 ft. Highest Elevation: 5,787 ft. Average HR: 131 Max HR: 188. Felt: Pretty Great! My own recovery is going well! I held back on most of the downhills until we came across a group of ladies waiting at the bottom of a particularly fun section to run and I took off like a crazy lady (enjoying the “WOW! I heard from the strangers as I flew!” hehehehehe. It’s so hard to rein it in when it’s so DANG much fun to show off!!!!!! :P)

P.S. Bertha is an amazing, agile rock climber. I am not. I am clutzy! Just trying to get to the bottom of the rock, I slipped and fell and scraped up my right leg. Dude! I am always getting hurt at Stack Rock! I need bubble wrap!!!!

P.P.S. We did see one animal – a VULTURE!!!! Perched right on the rocks at the base of Stack Rock! 🙂

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