Family Moonlit Walk

Just after the sun had set, my husband and I herded the five children out the door. I held hands with my six year old daughter, my husband held the hand of our four year old little girl and the three older kids ran ahead racing from mailbox to fire hydrant to the end of sidewalks. Each time looking back for permission to keep running ahead and waiting for my husband or I to give them the go-ahead and choose a new goal. It was fun. My six year old said, “I love how pink the sky is Mommy!” My four year old said, “The moon is so big and bright tonight, Mama!”

As the six year old and I were nearing the end, she looked up at me and said, “You like to go running in the night, don’tcha, Mama” “Mmm Hmmm. I do.” “I think all your kids will like it too. We’re all going to be runners like you someday. Would you like that.” “More than you know, baby girl. More than you know…..” <3

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