A Lovely Run With the Ladies

On October 22nd, my friend Michelle will be running her first ultra marathon — the Foothills 50k Frenzy right here on our own gorgeous trails in Boise, Idaho! I’ll be supporting her at the race and I’m very excited about that!


Today Michelle and I planned a little run in the foothills as part of her training for the race. Our lovely friend, Kim showed up and joined us for a few miles of her morning run. It was a lot of fun! We gals chatted and shared race stories, talked about our husbands (always a highlight when hanging out with the gal pals – haha) and enjoyed the beautiful morning as we ran high above most of the residents of Boise, as they hustled and bustled far below us, going about their jobs and day-to-day activities while we ladies enjoyed a run in the hills! It was really warm out today – high 80’s at least by the end of our time together.

As we walked along Rocky Canyon road back to our vehicles, an old, clunky Jeep painted in camo colors came ambling up the hill, then stalled and died – blocking the road.  A hillbilly got out, murmuring and grumbling, as he popped the hood. He fiddled around a bit as we watched and then, turned to us and hollared out, “Hey! You got any duct tape?!”  The three of us ladies, standing there in our Nathan water vests and running shorts, looked at one another and shrugged and replied, “Sorry! Fresh out!”   Poor guy. He messed around and finally got it running long enough to turn the car around just before it died again – this time on the side of the road instead of the dead center. I’m not sure what happened next, but he seemed a rather resourceful back-country type. Perhaps he wrestled up a rattlesnake to tie around the radiator or something until he got back to his shack? 🙂

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