First Bike Ride This Month

It’s been two weeks since my chair accident and three weeks since my 50 mile race. I figured since the small runs had gone well, it was time to try my bike again and see how my back felt while doing it.  Good news — it was pretty good! My lower back didn’t even start to ache until I was finishing up!

I passed the peppermint fields, the cornfields, corrals of horses and cows, hayfields with haystacks piled up like children’s blocks and also strewn all about throughout the fields. I love haystacks! It makes me think of hay rides and pumpkin patches and corn mazes — some of the delights of fall!

I wore a long sleeved shirt today on the ride, which was a first for this season! I woke up fairly early since I’d been tossing and turning in the night dreaming I was at an upcoming race as a crew member or pacer. It was a fun dream and I kept switching pals I was helping throughout the night it seemed, so when I’d wake up I really wasn’t sure if I was actually at the race or not! Kind of funny how the brain gets on a track like that and won’t let go! It just seemed easier to get out of bed and start my day than go back to “pacing and crewing” in my sleep since I wasn’t resting during my dreams anyways. haha!

11.24 miles on the bike.  1:08 total time. 9.8 speed. Heart Rate: 138 Felt: Fine

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  1. Hi Christie,
    I love the look of your blog and have subscribed to receive notifications of your new posts.
    I have 6 grown kids but I sure wasn’t running when they were little..Great Job!


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