The Rustling of the Cornstalks in the Breeze


I’m starting to feel better. Yesterday, I cleaned the house, deep cleaned the pantry, mopped the floor, scoured the bathrooms, vacuumed and made the bed and even got to work on my fall lesson plans for the upcoming homeschool year. I also didn’t take any pain medicine. It was an improvement! I still struggled with the sciatica in bed when I tried to roll over or adjust positions, but it was better than the day before.

When I woke up today, I noted that my lower back is still sore, but much less sore than a week ago. I decided to go ahead and take a walk today and see how my body is recovering.  I’ve had a lot on my mind (a common problem when I’m not able to run for weeks at a time, since all of those day-to-day frustrations and feelings build up inside and I’m not able to purge them in the usual sweaty way.) I figured a walk would at least clear some of the mind clutter.

Autumn is in the air! There was a gentle breeze as I stepped out the door.  I noticed the leaves on the trees are starting to turn golden and brown. It made me smile. I’m a fall baby! My birthday’s in November and I always feel like the natural world is doing a fantastic job  of decking out the trees and the grass before my birthday in lovely shades of red and orange and brown!

I love the delicious fragrances and sounds of fall! The air is crisper. The local farmers are harvesting their fields.  Harvesting machines are out, humming along, doing their work. Heavy trucks whoosh by me on the road, filled with local, fresh farm produce. When I walked by the peppermint fields,which are now mowed down fairly short, the decadent scent nearly overwhelmed me! I closed my eyes and dreamed of gum and candy canes. As I strolled by the corn fields, I gazed upwards. The stalks made me feel miniature when I’m next to them! I’d say they are nearly 7 foot tall and I’m closer to 5!  The soft breeze rustled the cornstalks and I again closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasant, familiar sounds of fall.

I passed ducks swimming in the canal bordered on both sides by purple wild flowers. I gazed up at the sky, dotted with fluffy white clouds.  My heart ached. I wanted to break into a dead sprint, push hard for all I’m worth, feel the speed in my legs again, the wind rushing past my ears and face. Give it all I’ve got and run until my lungs burn, my sides ache and my legs give out, leaving me a pleasantly empty shell.  That’s what running can do for me. It cleanses me. It purifies my heart, my thoughts, makes decisions easier, gives me courage when those decisions are difficult ones that need to be made. I’m better when I can run and run hard and fast and long. Sometimes I wish I could just start running and never ever ever stop……..

But, I’ll have to wait for my purification. Today was just a walk in the countryside. I’ll ache and yearn for my back to heal, my IT band to settle down so that I can recklessly run into the arms of my true love again — my stride stretched out, my arms held wide, alive, free, happy and at one with the beauty all around me.  For running IS my true love.  And I will dance the ballet of the the truly joyful.   Mother Nature’s world  a lovely blur as I rush by, delighted and free spirited and happy, shedding all my worldly cares and being the little Nymph I was meant to be – laughing, smiling, twirling on the mountain tops, naked, alive and free.  I miss you running!!! We’ll be together again soon, I hope! I’m just not me without you.


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