Who Knew Office Chairs Could Be So Dangerous?

On Monday, I got up early and was feeling very rested and happy from our camping weekend. I sat down at my home computer, like I’ve done a thousand times before and caught up on my morning e-mail and checked in with Facebook and Daily Mile.  Just a moment after I’d hit submit on my Daily Mile entry, I stretched my arms over my head and let out a nice, long yawn.  I heard my chair make a loud POP!  Before I knew what was happening, the back and side of my office chair had collapsed and I fell onto the wooden floor. Severe pain shot through my back and I screamed, “OUCH!” I was moaning and the pain was enough to nearly make me pass out. I thought I’d broken my back. I wasn’t even sure if my legs could move at first, but slowly, I got up, grabbing my back and crying in pain, “Help me!!”

My sweet, little 10 year old son was the only one in the room with me when it happened and he stood nearby, just frozen in shock, with his mouth open, looking terribly scared. I pulled myself painfully over to my desk and grabbed my phone to call my husband. He didn’t answer, so I called his cell phone, my hands just shaking from the pain as I tried to focus through the agony and dial the right number. He didn’t answer that call either. I started to cry. It hurt so bad and I was having a hard time moving at all.  I inched my way to the living room couch and painfully laid down and asked my son to go get my 12 year old daughter to help.

She came down quickly and when the phone started to ring, she brought it to me and I found my husband on the other end wondering what was wrong. I couldn’t stop crying and just told him, “I’ve hurt myself badly! I need to go to the hospital. Please come home now!” He works about half an hour away and I was eager to have him there to help me get to a doctor.  I just moaned and cried on the couch, while my mind was racing and I wondered, “What in the world have I done to my back?!”  I admit that the first thing I was thinking was, “Will I still be able to run?” and tears came when I even considered that I’d hurt myself bad enough that I never could again.

My husband got home as quickly as he could and we very, very slowly got me inch by painful, moaning inch to the car, where I yelled in pain when I had to lift my right leg up to shut the door.  He drove me to the Emergency Room and we found a little old man waiting there with a wheelchair.  He asked me, “What happened?” and I told him through my tears, “I think I broke my pelvis.”  A younger, strong, burly nurse came over and said to me, “Do me a favor, Miss. If you ever break your pelvis again CALL AN AMBULANCE!”

It was about an hour before they were able to get me into x-ray.  When I laid perfectly still, the pain wasn’t too bad, so I’d found a position with my head on the sidebars where I was ok. I started making jokes with the nurse and when she told me she was interested in losing weight and becoming a runner, I of course had to tell her to friend me on facebook and I’d hook her up with the coolest running friends around!”  I also noticed the doctor wearing Saucony shoes and while I laid there, I said, “Doc, are you a runner, too?” He was a pretty straight-faced, serious, all business type of guy, but a I saw a little smile cross his lips when I’d uncovered his secret other life. He said, “Yes, I am.” I told him I had just ran a 50 mile ultra marathon in the mountains the week before. He said, “You must have a very supportive husband to let you go off and do that sort of thing.” I told him,” Yes, I’m very lucky.”  I think Wayne liked the compliments.

They tried to put me on a moving board to get me over to the x-ray table, but it was no use. They had forgotten to give me my pain meds, so I felt every single movement and it was so sharp and awful I swear someone was tazering me with electric shocks at every little movement. Very quickly, I went from social butterfly to crying out in pain and gritting my teeth again.  It was SO painful!

After the x-rays, they brought me back to my room and I waited for the doctor’s diagnosis. He finally came in and told me, “Good news! You didn’t break it! You bruised it badly! NO RUNNING until you can do so without any pain at all!”  I asked “How long do you think that will be since I have a marathon to train for?” He said, “As long as it takes – at least two weeks.”

Well, it’s been 6 days since I hurt myself now and the pain is still just as bad. 🙁 I’m not able to do much of anything right now. Bending hurts, turning over in bed hurts, quick movements hurt, tying my shoes – impossible, bending at the waist – also impossible. 🙁 I’m feeling rather helpless and a bit sorry for myself at the moment. I wish the pain would subside at least! The medication doesn’t really help at all.

I’m crossing my fingers that this imposed rest will help heal it quickly and that my IT band and sprained ankle will also benefit from this break. But, i’m going kind of stir-crazy. I’m so glad Ryan took me on that run the last day of camping since I’d already taken a week off before that after Wild Idaho and had tapered almost a week before the race. 🙁 I feel like I haven’t ran much at all the last three weeks and it’s breaking my heart.

If you have any “Get better” vibes to send my way, I’m freely accepting any and all I can get!  And word of warning — don’t assume something as innocent as an office chair cannot hurt you. Apparently, in my case – it totally can!!!!!

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  1. Just rest, rest & more rest. The more you rest the quicker you will be back running. Just remember, there will always be another marathon. Even though it is very frustrating, everything does happen for a reason. Think positive thoughts.

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