Reflections of Me

Last night at the Wild Idaho pre-race bowling night with many of the local ultra runners and their families who will be at the race this Saturday, I found myself at a table with several friends, including my good pal, Rachel.  Rachel was sharing about how much she’s changed in the last few years, due in part to losing weight and keeping it off. She was saying that as the pounds went away, her personality underwent a transformation of sorts too. That it wasn’t just her body that changed – but HER!

I thought about Rachel today and how her story reminds me so much of mine. Just a few years ago, if you’d have come to a get together that I was attending, you might have a hard time finding me.  Back when I was overweight, I made it a big point to stay in the background. I felt self-conscious of my body and would often even get stomach aches driving to family holiday parties or dinners with other people. Sometimes I’d even cry when getting ready to go. I really hated being around other people. I felt embarrassed, ugly, unhappy.  I would have been perfectly content to stay at home, safe in the walls of my house, with my husband and kids (the only ones I really felt accepted me regardless of the way I looked) but unfortunately, sometimes I had to come out of my safe cocoon and face the real world. It was almost always miserable.

The people that know me now might describe me as outgoing, fun-loving and a leader of sorts. That’s pretty much the total opposite of the girl I was for so many years of my life when I was overweight. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed – not only on the outside – but on the inside as well.

I just want to encourage you — if you are still where I was — wondering if you ever will really be fit and happy again — it can happen!!! I used to think I was stuck, that I’d  never feel beautiful or outgoing again.  I got it back and so can you!!!!

Today can be your day to start over! Go for a walk, a swim, a bike ride, a run – whatever! Start moving that body consistently 3 or more times a week for half an hour and start paying closer attention to what you’re eating.  Little changes every day make for big differences a few months down the road. If you’d have told the gal in any of those pictures that she’d be getting ready to run her 2nd 50 mile distance this weekend — she wouldn’t have believed a word of it — but it’s TRUE! IT happened for me and it can happen for YOU!

Here’s a few pictures of me from a few years ago:



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  1. I can’t imagine you as ever being unhealthy, unfit, unhappy…..

    You are one of my most inspirational role models with the running…..thanks for the extra motivation to reach for my goals!!!!!!!

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