Startling Old People With My Sneaky Feet

When I bought these Brooks Ghost 3’s, I knew they were supposed to be pretty amazing, but I never imagined they’d allow me to run so quietly – to unintentionally sneak right up on people and frighten them out of their wits when I was upon them before they even heard me coming.  Apparently, that’s the case, though since I think I gave heart attacks to about 20 elderly citizens in the Eagle, Idaho area. To all of you (if you are reading) I truly am sorry. I didn’t mean to terrify you with my stealth, ninja runner qualities.

Each time I’d come jogging along, approaching an older couple deep in conversation or walking dogs or just moseying along enjoying the day side-by-side, I’d aim for a gap to get through or get by.  Usually there wasn’t one. People like to walk alongside one another. So, once I got in earshot, I’d say something pleasant like, “Lovely morning we’re having today!” or “Good morning!” and I tried to say it in my softest, sweetest, most pleasant, polite voice, but I just couldn’t get any better reaction than, “GASP! OH my gosh! Where did you come from?!!!”, as the elderly would clutch their hearts.  I’d smile sweetly and bid them a good day, then try again with the next older pair I’d pass. I’m clueless! I tried speaking up sooner, I tried slowing down, I tried speaking EVEN softer and sweeter – but no matter, always the same reaction. – a shiver down the spine, electrifying the whole body all arms and legs jerked as though they’d heard a gun shot, as they spun around to face me.

Maybe I’ll just stay on ghost mode next time and not speak at all! 🙂

This was my final medium, easy run before Wild Idaho’s 50 miler on Saturday. I kept the Garmin on my heart rate screen, making myself slow down when the heart rate went over 155 (the top of my “easy/endurance/recovery” zone.) I walked when I had to in order to keep it lower, I stopped for a long bathroom break at mile 5.3 when I spotted the only outhouse on the path and I even answered my cell when my little sister sent me a photo of her youngest daughter showing off her first lost tooth this morning “Way to go, Skylie! It looks great!”  I stopped to sponge bathe in the Boise River, splashing the ice cold water on my arms, shins and neck to cool me down in the 92 degree heat.

Things went very well until mile 9, when out of the blue, my right knee had a sharp pain along the outside. 🙁 I’ve never had any knee pain at all and this month I’ve babied my legs – NOT running hard on the downhills, riding my bike more so my legs could have a break as my right ankle has tried to heal up from the sprain.  I have no clue what’s up, but I was limping and had to limp/walk the rest of the run. 🙁  I may need a brace for my race on Saturday. Hopefully some ice and rest will get things back to normal in time for the race, though. Cross your fingers for me!!!!

Stats: 10.02 miles. 12:14 ave pace. 2:02 total time. 156 – average heart rate. Felt: Pretty good, hot, then injured. 🙁

July Stats: 136.03 miles ran + walked, 117.78 miles biked — YAY! 🙂 Weight – back to 125 this week! – Just need to maintain that until the October Marathon now!

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