Butterflies, Bogus, Buddies and my Baby

My husband, Wayne had been eager to see the Stack Rock trail I’d been raving about the past few weeks. We decided to head up there this morning as a couple. Of course, I had to throw together a little group invite last night to see if anyone else wanted to join us. 13 of us altogether showed up bright and early in the Moxie Java parking lot off of Bogus Basin road to head up to the trails together.

I am never disappointed in the group runs! I am so blessed to live in an area where so many cool, laid-back, runner types hang out and want to congregate together on the trails at a moment’s notice! 🙂 Today’s group was a lot of fun!

My husband is still very new to running. He’s just starting out and struggles with some knee problems, but I knew he’d really adore the pretty views and the cool shade on this trail, so I was so thrilled that he wanted to come today!  He had some pain to deal with almost from the start, so after running the first mile, we decided to make a long hike out of it instead. It was very fun! He found that by using two, long, sturdy tree branches as “trecking poles” it also helped with the climbs up and the steep descents down. He did a great job! I’m very proud of him!!!! He’d never climbed more than 1,100 in a run/hike before and today he hit 1,751 of gain! Woo hoo! Well done, honey!!!

The trail is so lush! So much green foliage, moss-covered trees, flowers in shades of pink, purple, white and yellow dotting the  path, fallen trees to leap over, outstanding views of the surrounding mountains covered in heavy forest.  The scent of pine is in the air. It rained on us for a few minutes and it was delightfully refreshing! It was a joy!!!!  On the way back, I spotted at least 30 butterflies. They were everywhere! We also saw the cutest little chipmunk. He posed for a photo op!  It was a lovely taper run with my sweetie! One week until my 52 mile (16,000 elevation gain) mountain ultra marathon!!!! Pretty excited! (and a little scared!)

Stats: 8.63 miles. 3:10 total time 22:03 ave pace. 123 – ave heart rate. 1,751 elevation gain. Felt: Happy

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