The Sweet Scent of Peppermint

I took it easy on the legs today and biked to Star and back. It was a relaxing, wonderful ride. Riding by the wheat fields, the cornfields and my favorite – the delicious aroma of the peppermint fields made me smile.  The one killer hill (who from this day forward shall be known as Quad-Buster) was a blast to ride down, but a total killer to ride back UP on the way back. But, I did NOT stand on the pedals! I pushed through! Take that Quad-Buster!

Happy Friday!

Stats: 13.22 miles 12.1 mph 1:05 total time 133 – ave heart rate. Felt: Happy

Relaxed with a 15 min DVD yoga workout from a Grown Up Happy Meal I bought years ago. Very relaxing. Did it with my 4 and 6 year old daughters, who’s hair I kept ruffling as we laid on the mats.  They took turns giggling and ruffling mine back. Good fun!

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