Went Out For Two and….

Was having so much fun I went 5.  🙂 The ankle’s still pretty sore, so I actually walked the first 1/2 mile to warm it up, then gently increased my pace until it felt fine again.  Ran along the canal path near my home, taking in the rows of  arching weeping willow trees that bend towards the water and softly touch the surface, through the golf course where a remote control air plane vrrrrrrrrrrrred over my head as I ran, through a gaggle of at least 30 geese who went honking and squawking away as I came near, up Nemesis and down again and then  past the cornfields, pastures of horses and back home again.

The splits look progressive, though I had no idea what they were like as I was running with just the heart rate details showing.

Mile 1: 13:35

Mile 2: 11:03

Mile 3: 10:29

Mile 4: 9:58

Mile 5: 8:52

Final Kick best pace: 4:21  🙂 Yeahh babbyyy!!!

Finished with Billy Blanks 35 min DVD for Ab Bootcamp – felt the burn!

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