Sometimes It’s Not About the Miles

Rode the bike in the countryside. Enjoyed the chill in the air. Glided past the sea of six foot tall fields of corn swaying in the breeze. I gazed longingly at the mysterious, dark, shadowy figures of the mountains in the distance against the baby blue sky and wished I was there, running through the forest, losing myself in the rhythm of thump, thump, thump of my shoes.  Really needed to clear my head today. Sometimes a little sweat can uncomplicate things.  Ankle is still pretty sore. 🙁 Would have rather been running.

9.02 miles. 9.5 mph  57:13 total time. Felt: Uncertain

Did Denise Austin’s Pilates DVD as well for core work. She kept saying, “You’re lengthening the spine!”, but I’m still 5’3″.  Darn it! I feel I was cheated. haha

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