Amy’s First 20 Miler in the Foothills

My wonderful friend and neighbor, Amy just signed up for her first 50k – and not just any 50k – Wild Idaho’s 50k with 10,200 of climbing!!! It’s a toughie! So, she wanted us to take her to the trails and put her on some tough climbs for 20 miles (a distance about 6.5 miles greater than she’s ever gone before even on a road run) just to see how her fitness was in that type of workout.

So many encouraging friends showed up today (at 4 am!!!!! in the dark with headlamps) to help Amy reach that goal.  Mark, Ryan, Otto, Jenny, Emily and I all were along for the ride and it was epic!!!! I’ve never seen a brand new trail runner tear it up the way Amy did out there! She’s exceptional in every way! I’m very impressed and absolutely expect her to kick some serious booty at Wild Idaho in two weeks! GO AMY!!!

I really babied the ankle out there today. It’s still sore and swells when irritated so I held back on my downhills and just pushed as hard as I could on the uphills.  Very rocky, sandy, steep trails today. Some of the toughest I’ve ever done.

20 miles. 4,550 ft gain. 15:51 ave pace. 5:17 total time.  Just stopped the watch for the stop at mile 11 or so to refill water and fuel.  Moving time: 13:54 pace. 4:38:09 total moving time. Fastest pace: 6:26.

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