Moonlight Run

My good friend Seth set up a weekly moonlight run for the summer months – a chance to avoid the heat of the day and get in some miles with friends under the stars.  I was thrilled that I was able to go tonight and meet up with everyone.  We must have had 15 runners out there tonight – some familiar faces like Seth, Ben, Jon, Amy, Day, and Ryan and many new ones too! I always enjoy meeting other runners and getting to chat with new people and tonight I had the opportunity to run a little bit with nearly everyone out there and get to know them better. It was really fun!

The most dramatic thing that happened tonight was when one of the gals had a bloody nose after the first mile. I felt terrible that I didn’t have any tissue or anything helpful to offer to her.  She had a bandana and did what she could to help deal with the bleeding. My buddy, Ryan and I stayed with her until she felt better and then we jogged along gently, hoping her poor little nose wouldn’t feel irritated by the movement.  Thankfully, she felt much better after that and we were able to get her back to her good buddies (who all agreed that she deserved the “hardcore runner” award tonight for bleeding on a run – haha. 🙂

I enjoyed the easy conversations, the cool, night breeze, turning off my headlamp and just gazing up at the stars and then at the very end sprinting with my pal, Jon to the finish (my Garmin says I reached a 4:27 pace – yeah baby!)

We hung out in the parking lot after the run and Ben shared some of his stories from Badwater. He even brought out “The Buckle” and let us all take turns touching it and oohing and ahhing at it. I even bowed down before him and declared, “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy” in true Wayne’s World fashion.  🙂 It was pretty awesome.  Another pal of Ben’s had even brought along this delicious pumpkin, chocolate chip bread that he shared with all of us after the run.  It was like a little party in the parking lot by a lot of happy, sweaty people.

Lots of fun. I’ll definitely be back for more next week!

4.78 miles. 59:23 total time. 12:25 pace. Felt: Happy

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