To Star and then Middleton and Home Again

I love running to Star from my house and back. It’s nearly a perfect half-marathon distance for training. On a run  a few months ago I went a little further into Star and passed the sign that told me that only a mere 6 more miles in that direction would get me to Middleton.  That particular day, I was short on time and wasn’t able to keep going, but it’s been in the back of my mind every since.

I decided that today I’d take the bike to Middleton and back.  It was warm out. I waited for my husband to come home from his night shift and then I headed out on the bike, feeling excited.  I passed the usual farms and fields, the horses and then came to this little pasture with a cow nursing her two baby calves.  It was darling and made me think back to the special times of nursing each of my five children and how bonding that was.

When I finally arrived at the Middleton city limits sign, I’d rode over 12 miles in one direction. Awesome! So, I made a u-turn and headed back home, feeling a bit fatigued, but very happy.

Final mileage for today’s little adventure: 24.38 miles. 2:08 total time. 11.4 mph ave speed (and that’s with several stoplights and stop signs. Not bad.)  Average heart rate: 137

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