Ouch – Not Again!

This morning, Amy, Emily and I headed to Camelsback Park to do a trail run together. It was really a lot of fun hanging out with those two awesome ladies. Amy led the first few miles and had Emily and I begging for mercy at the speedy pace. Amy might be new to the trails, but she clearly has a TON of natural talent and we were very, very impressed with her!  Emily had printed up a small map for Amy to use and had marked today’s path on it.  Amy’s job was to navigate with the map, knowing that if she got off track, Emily was right there to help fix things.  Amy did awesome, though and kept us right on track! Nice job, Amy!!! You’re a natural trail navigator! 🙂

I rolled my right ankle again at mile 7 on a downhill when I stepped funny on some rocks. 🙁 It hurt. And, from that point on, I pulled back on the downhill pace since too much pounding just made the ankle ache more. I could feel it swelling again the last 5 miles. Darn! I did feel fine on the flatter sections, though and finished the run at a 7:21 pace when I arrived at my car.  Not bad.

Even with the ankle problems, this was one of the fastest trail runs I’ve done thanks to Amy’s pacing early on and on the downhills later. 🙂

12.01 miles. 11:52 pace. 2:22 total time (I did shut off the Garmin today when waiting for the girls at the junctions and for the map checks.) Best pace: 5:57  Felt: Great until I rolled the ankle.  Elevation Gain: 1,835 ft. Average HR:159

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