My Boston Marathon Medal Heist Gone Wrong

My friend, Ryan earned a BQ in his first marathon in the fall of 2010.  He ran the 115th Boston Marathon this year. He and his family invited my not-so-small crew over for swimming, BBQ and smores last night and it was a ton of fun. But… the real fun happened later in the evening, when Ryan unveiled his prized Boston Marathon medal and even let me try it on!  Of course, I had to have my husband take a few photos of me wearing it, oogling it and then one of me with the actual, owner of it – Ryan himself. 🙂  I tried to dash out of the house with it, but he sent the security guards after me who tackled me and dragged me back, where I had to apologize and give the medal back to Ryan.  Gosh, do you think he’ll invite me over again after that? Probably not. I suppose I will just have to go out and earn one of those BQ’s of my own so I can have my own medal to gaze at lovingly. 🙂

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