Test Tempo Run

After my daughter’s friends woke up from the sleepover this morning, a clever plan formed in my mind. Since one of the young gals lives close to the Greenbelt, I decided to jump on the chance to get in a run after dropping them both back off at their homes this morning.

I arrived at the Greenbelt around 11 am and it was already about 80 degrees and very sunny. I was eager to test out the ankle again and hopefully get in a little tempo work for my marathon training.  Knowing it how hot it was due to my later start and because I was not wanting to push the ankle too hard yet, I decided that I’d set a goal of 10 miles at about 45 seconds slower than marathon goal pace (so, around 9:53 min/mile for today since marathon goal is about 9:08.) I knew if today’s test went well, there’s still plenty of time to ramp myself back up to the speed I need to break 4 hours.

I was pleasantly surprised how well my ankle felt from the start! SWEET!  No pain, no swelling or limping and just a bit of soreness. I relaxed into my tunes and just let my legs find their own pace for the first mile. I always run very slow the first mile and when I do that, I tend to have a much better run than if I try to hit a faster pace in that first mile. My body tends to speed up as I go for middle distance runs, so I just let it do it’s thing. Mile 1 was a 10:18 pace and I gradually speeded up to about 9:30s – 9:40’s for most of the run and finished with a final mile at 8:36 feeling I still had something left to give. Perfect! Average Heart Rate for the Tempo Run: 179. Felt strong. That’s about 80% of my max. Thinking it’s a good place to aim for for the race.

I love this particular area of the greenbelt in Eagle that runs along the Boise River. I started and finished in this fantastic little park that has a bathroom, water fountains to refill my water bottle with cold water and water sprayers for the local children (that I unashamedly ran right into to cool off – ahhhhh – heaven!)

After running my 10 (at a 9:36 average pace), filling my water bottle and using the bathroom, I reset the Garmin and cooled down with a nice walk along the River. I walked until I was closer to town and then took a detour to the local Wendy’s, bought an ice cold Dr Pepper and then walked back to the River, where I took off my shoes and socks and soaked my feet in the Boise River and savored the day. Perfection!  (Got in 2 miles on the cool down too!) Average heart rate for the cooldown: 140. Felt great!

Total miles for today: 12

P.S. I saw two snakes today – one about three feet long that crossed the path right in front of me and another little guy later on that I nearly stomped on accidentally. 🙂

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