Taking What I Can Get Today

I was hoping to squeeze in a run today and my bootcamp DVD.  My daughter has her buddies over for a sleepover, so I’m having to be creative and not leave the house. So… I decided to actually pay some attention to that shiny, nice treadmill in my bedroom I begged my husband to buy me months ago.  You know what… it has some pretty cool features! Guess I should hang out with it more!

I decided to take it easy since my ankle is still swollen and purple. It really doesn’t hurt, though and I’m not limping on it at all.  So, I went for the 20 min, hill workout walk, which starts at 3 mph and increases the incline from 2 percent to 10 percent, then holds it and gradually comes back down at the end.  I actually got some sweat out of the deal! Nice! 1.05 miles.

Hoping that when the kids are doing playing Wii and watching Tangled I can sneak in my Bootcamp workout later tonight. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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