To Meridian and Back

The weather is lovely out today. Sunny, but breezy. 72 degrees. Winds 14 mph.  The exact type of day, I’d normally lace up the running shoes and knock out 15 miles and long for more. But, since the ankle is still pretty sore, that was not to be my experience today. 🙁

The bike and I spent some more time together today.  Again, I took it on a different route and explored new places. I must have passed an entire dollar’s worth of change along the road today. Mannnnnnn, this is killing me to see all this TREASURE just waiting for me to run again!  I’ll be one rich Mama when that day comes. 🙂

I sent silent, frequent prayers of “Please don’t run over me! Please don’t run over me” as enormous, noisy trucks whoooshed right by me.  While riding near a home with a long driveway covered with parallel rows of weeping willows, I was nearly ran over when the owner (who I could not see driving out of her heavily covered driveway), tried to pull into the road without looking first! YIKESY! (I’m borrowing this cool and appropriate word from my pal, Amy! Thanks, Amy!)   Note to self – ALWAYS assume drivers are coming from every angle and will not see you on a bike. Safety first! Those five children of mine need me too much to even chance it!

Stats: 11.08 miles. 11:2 mph. 59:22 total time. Ave HR: 145. Felt: A little tired

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