Final Kick “Test” Run

My husband and I have a racing company called Final Kick (like the name?!) 🙂 Tonight we invited a few of our runner pals over for a “test” race so we could try out the racing software my husband wrote, a manual timing system and the new finish chute my husband made this week. It was so much fun! My friend Ryan won the race (2.35 miles) in 16:41 (at a 7:05 pace) and my pal Julie won the women’s division in 17:50 (7:35 pace.) Lots of good friends, lots of smiles and a great chance to test out our systems (they worked – mostly!) 🙂

There were a zillion kids playing in my backyard as we’d asked everyone to bring their whole families. My five kids were in HEAVEN with all those other children around. It was AWESOME! We’ll do a couple more tweaks and I think set up some small events in the Treasure Valley for the rest of Summer and Fall to keep the locals racing near home!

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