Clearing My Head – Biking in the Countryside

Getting out and being by myself – alone with my thoughts, surrounded by fields, farms, birds singing and the great big blue sky – is something my heart and soul (and mind!) require of me.  I’m just not in balance if I’m not able to sweat and breathe fresh air a few times a week. I could never be a devoted gym rat or a treadmill lover.  That would, to me, be like viewing the Mona Lisa with a blindfold on. It would be missing the whole point.

My senses love to be fully engaged, alive, absorbing all the beauty around me.  I want to FEEL, to smell the honeysuckle, the lilacs, the earthy smell of the nearby farmland, freshly tilled, the heavenly scent of a freshly watered lawn or grass after it’s been cut.  I love the wind on my face. I close my eyes and let it whip my hair back away from my smiling face.  I’m intoxicated when I’m outside.

I took my bike and just started riding today. I hate making plans when I’m in a mood like this. It spoils things. I just GO. I turn the handlebars down any path that catches my fancy. There are so many areas of life where you must follow the rules, you must obey the speed limit and pay your taxes and show up to your dental appointment on time. Sometimes I want to be a rebel. Sometimes I just want to follow my heart and go where it may lead.  I did that today.  I rode to places I’d never been before. I discovered a house that reminded me of a castle – with high black torrents sharply contrasting with the red brick.  The barn was even more lovely. White and gray river rocks covered the entire surface. It was BEAUTIFUL. I just wanted to ride my bike right up, through the black wrought iron gates and the gorgeous red and purple flowers so neatly lining the driveway and say “I’m home!”  But, I didn’t. I rode on.

I watched the workers sweating under the mid day sun in the fields. I wanted to join them. I saw the farmer in the field on the tractor and I wanted to ask for a ride. I’ve never ridden on a tractor, though they’ve been part of my surroundings for my entire life.  When I glided by the wheat fields, so tall and reaching towards the sky, I wanted to reach out my hand and touch them since they look so cottony soft gently swaying in the breeze.  Sometimes I just need to feel alive!

10.52 miles. 10.6 mph. 59:35 total time. Ave HR: 124. Felt: Alive in the moment

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