Revisiting the Past – My Weight Loss Journey

I twisted my ankle pretty badly on Saturday’s trail run and found myself sitting in bed, icing my swollen, black and blue ankle all day today. I was feeling disappointed that I am going to miss out on training for a little bit while I heal back up.

Since I’d been basically resting all day, I just wasn’t able to fall asleep tonight.  Too much pent-up energy, I guess. I decided since I was up late anyways and needed something to do, I’d read a bit of my friend, Ryan’s online blog.  I’m the type who prefers to read a story in the correct order, so I went back as far as his blog had listings and stumbled upon this particular entry.  It was so inspirational, I thought I’d share it with you here.

I’ve been friends with Ryan and his wife, Michelle for about a year now. When I met both of them, they had already gone through the greater part of their weight-loss journey, so they were already living a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly and looking fitter.  And, even though, I’ve heard the story many times about how Ryan lost 135 lbs and Michelle lost 100, it was really hard to mentally get my head around how big of a journey that had been for both of them.

Having had a big weight loss myself, I could relate, but I have to admit that seeing photos of either of them before puts into perspective just how far they had to go even better than hearing the story.  I don’t even recognize them. If they approached me on the street in their old bodies, I don’t think I’d know who they were. The changes were that dramatic and impressive!

Ryan and Michelle are something of “weight loss celebrities” in our small-knit running community. Their story is inspirational and gives hope that those who set their hearts seriously onto a goal and who are willing to do the work can indeed reach it — even when they have 100 or 135 lbs to go!

Reading that posting tonight about Ryan’s journey was kind of a nice wake-up call. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself that I’m now injured and will have to sit out on some of my marathon training for a week or two while I heal up.  When I read that posting though, it put things into perspective again for me.

I’m injured, but I’m going to recover and be back to training before I know it. I’m no longer the gal who wore a size 14 (or whatever maternity pants I still had in the closet after five babies.) I’m a gal who made some big life changes, too and regained the figure I had on my wedding day 13 years ago (I can even zip my dress.)  I did the work and lost the weight and THAT was the hard part!

Being injured now is just a small setback.  I’m no longer worried that I won’t get back on the horse after something like this throws my plans off. I’m confident that I’ll be fine. I’ll stay fit. I’ll run again as soon as I’m able and I’ve learned to use cross-training even during the down times (tools I did not have when I first began in May of 2008 with the Couch to 5K training plan.)

So, for today, my friends, I just wanted to revisit where I’ve been too.  To share with you that I, too, was overweight.  That I had never been good at sticking with exercise plans or diets and really worried that I would never change — but I did!!!!!  For me, running was the “magic” thing I needed to help me get moving and start getting healthy.

Those first steps were the hardest. The weight didn’t come off quickly for me. It was a very slow process since I chose to do it “my way” – without counting calories or eliminating any foods I liked.  I wanted it to be something I could live with forever and I knew that saying, “No” to things would mean I’d end up cheating and then, failing at it.  So, I learned to tune into my body. To stop before I was stuffed.  To really ask “Am I even hungry” before I went to the fridge or cupboard.  Little things like that add up. And, most importantly – I started working out 3 times a week for half an hour or more. And, I stayed consistent.

Some months I only lost 1 lb or two.  Other months I lost 6! But, those pounds added up and they stayed OFF for good! I’ve been comfortably able to fit into size 4 and 6 jeans now for over two years.  If a busy Mom of five can make the time to workout 3-5 times a week and can lose the weight and keep it off — so can you! I promise you there’s nothing special about me. I didn’t use a special diet program or have a trainer’s help or count my calories even! I just started being more active and listening to my body and appetite more and stopping when I was full.  It was that simple. It wasn’t easy, but it got easier.  So, go chase your dreams! Attempt what you think you cannot do. You may surprise yourself, too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story Christie. I know for some people it is a very personal thing but if I helps one person make a positive change I feel like it’s worth sharing. You have inspired many people!


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