Bike Ride in the Countryside

I’m getting a little concerned with the locals in my community. In the past two weeks I’ve found some pretty odd clothing alongside the road or on running paths where I go. I’ve found pink panties, a purple bra and a pair of men’s swimming trunks in the last several runs/rides. Today I found a pair of red panties and a men’s black t-shirt. I mean, c’mon people! I get that it’s getting hot out there, but for Pete’s Sake — could you wait until you get HOME before you start the stripping?! It’s very distracting seeing your laundry all over the place like that.  Some of us are mothers and actually have the urge to clean up your things, young people! ENOUGH!  There, glad I got that out. 😉

With the super swollen ankle, I know that running will have to wait until I can comfortably put weight on my foot again, so today I decided to take my little purple mountain bike out for another spin.  It was fun! There’s only one real downside to riding a bike versus running — I can’t easily pick up the coins on the side of the road like I always do when running.  Even during my 50 miler, I admit to coming to a complete standstill and leaning over at about mile 40 just to pick up a penny (which, by the way, I have saved in my journal to always remind me of that special day and what I accomplished.)  Today I saw a dime, a penny and then several miles later another penny. I wanted them badly! This has become quite a habit for me — picking up the coins and the miser in me felt super guilty for just gliding right by leaving perfectly good coinage right on the roadside!  But…. I figured it would really be a pain to stop, hobble over on my sore ankle and then restart each time. Guess I know which path to take on my first “all healed up” run, now, though, right? Wahahaha – I’ll be filthy rich with that 12 cents, you know! 🙂

13.02 miles. One, big long hill – tough  but I didn’t have to push the bike once! 12.1 mph. 1:04 total time. 139 Average Heart rate.  Felt: Pretty Good

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