Stack Rock Group Run

Beautiful day in the Boise foothills with a fantastic group of running friends – some old and some new, some 100 milers, some just beginning. That’s one of the beauties of this running community I’m part of: so much support, encouragement, friendliness and FUN freely shared by all no matter what your level is.

About 20 of us met up and started the run bright and early – about 6 am. I felt strong and was running fast and feeling spry for the first couple of miles, when I decided to pull back and have a little potty break alone. All went fine, until I was back on the trail and trying to adjust a killer wedgie, while peeking over my shoulder, fearing someone would come from behind and find me adjusting my undies, when out of the blue, my right foot caught a small rock and my ankle twisted hard. I lost my balance, pain shot through my body and I landed on my face — left knee bleeding and right hand stinging and dirty. I sat there stunned for just a second and then tried to get up. Nausea and dizziness went through my body. I leaned on my knees and thought, “No way! I’m wiped out from a Wedgie Attack?! Who does that?!” Me apparently. I tried to pull myself together and tried to put my weight on the ankle. Sharp pain went through it and another wave of nausea. But, I kept slowly trying to limp along, thinking, “This is an 8 miler and I invited all these great people out here to run with me. I’m not quitting!” Little by little, walking became less painful and the nausea passed.

Soon, some pals caught up with me and oohed and ahhed over my trail wound, which by that point looked even knarlier since the bloodied knee had dripped all the way down my leg. Yeah – impressive, I thought. I kept the pace very slow – mostly walking, some limping and after a bit, a somewhat decent slow running pace that only hurt a bit.

We made it down to Stack Rock, took a zillion awesome pictures of everyone and then headed back to the cars for brownies, muffins and ice cold water. Even though I may have to take a little time off to heal this purple, swollen ankle, it really was a great group run today! Many of the friends who came had never ran on a trail like this before, so it was pretty exciting introducing them to trail running – complete with a show since I got myself hurt and bloodied for entertainment purposes apparently. 🙂 It was a good, good, day.

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