Just a Quickie

4.16 miles 9:29 pace. 39:28 total time. 171 ave HR.
Mile 1: 9:54 (warm up) -nearly mauled by a loose, angry dog on a chain with a spiky collar! Thought I was dead!
Mile 2: 9:18 (passed a pigpen with two chubby pigs – how cute!)
Mile 3: 9:25 (ran by a corral where a horse whinnied and ran with me.)
Mile 4: 9:29
last .16 – 8:20

My poor, sweet husband’s birthday is today and he woke up with a horrible toothache. He went into the dentist and will be getting a root canal later today. That is not exactly the birthday gift he was hoping for! 🙁 I will try to cheer him up with a movie to distract him from his pain!

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