Have Bike, Will Ride

I dressed for running this morning. It’s a common habit of mine to wake up and put on some type of workout gear, since I feel too guilty going to bed at night and throwing those types of clothes into the hamper without any hard-earned sweat on them. It usually prompts me to do SOMETHING healthy when I can squeeze it into my day, while caring for the five kids and the house. I had intended on going running while it was still cooler out this morning, but it took longer than usual to get the kids to do their chores and I decided to bake some cookies since my three closest gal pals were coming over for lunch.

My “Yayas” (as in the movie the Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood) as I call them came, we had a wonderful time, lots of laughing and chatter and eating together and I sent them all back to their jobs and homes, feeling that my friendship cup was really nice and full again. Afterwords, I tidied up the house again and looked at the clock. I still had about an hour and a half before my husband would be home, ready to drive our two sons to their baseball game tonight. I took the opportunity and decided that since it was so hot, a run would be more difficult, but a bike ride would be just about right. It was the right decision!

I rarely ride my bike. Since I was in college (where I rode my hot pink mountain bike back and forth to classes at BSU and my house) I think I’ve ridden a bike maybe 10 times. 3 of those were while certifying the Lake Lowell Marathon course. Once was last week. The other miscellaneous ones were while pulling a bike trailer with 2 kids in it, while my husband did the same and my older daughter rode a bike. It’s been a while since I’d really ridden regularly, but I have started to notice that many of my runner pals use biking as a great cross-training activity. So, I’m trying to add it into my regime too, in the hopes I can gain more fitness and do less damage to my legs/joints than if I just increased by the same mileage with running. We’ll see how it goes!

A few days ago our Suburban broke down again after taking the kids to the movies. Luckily, we were able to baby it back, sputtering along, all the way home, but we stuck to back roads to avoid most of the traffic while doing so. Along the way, we passed a newer looking middle school with a TRACK! I thought the nearest track to my house was bout 10 miles away, so last year when I wanted to do speedwork, I’d usually just run loops around a local college parking lot (with cars coming and going!) It made for some pretty interesting (and frightening) speed sessions, let me tell you! So, seeing that there was a track a bit closer really got my heart pumping! I had him turn on the odometer to track how far it was from our home and it turned out it was just 5 miles! Woo hoo! Much better!

So, today, I decided to bike there just to verify the distance. 5 miles exactly! I rode a bit beyond that and then turned around and headed back home. I really did enjoy seeing the corn in the fields near my home rising to about 3 feet in height now and breathing in the freshly scented air as I passed the peppermint fields and hay fields. There were many, many other fields I passed that I could not identify the plants, but they were pleasing to the senses as well. I passed several horses in their corrals as well. I yelled, “Hey buddy” at one who came right up by the road, but he didn’t answer back. 🙂

It was a nice time. 13.04 miles. 11.3 mph. 1:08 – total time. Average Heart rate: 152. 91 degrees. Sunny. 5 mph winds. HOT! Felt: Great!

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