Boise Y Striders Stack Rock Run

I joined up with a new group today – the Boise Y Striders. That is the group is new to me, though it’s been a great group of running folks in the treasure valley for some time.  A couple of my friends were attending their run and I decided to come along.  I was very excited to finally check out Stack Rock, something of a legend in the Boise trail community.  I was also really thrilled to get to come and wish my awesome friend, Sparkle a Happy Birthday during this run (how perfect did her parents name their little baby girl who was born on the 4th of July!)

We met at the Moxie Java on Bogus Basin Road and the group of about 20 of us carpooled up to the starting location – about half an hour’s drive up the mountain (or it seemed) winding and winding up, up, up into the sky.  We had a lot of fun in our car (Sparkle’s car) and there was great conversation, lots of kidding around and great stories shared for entertainment on the ride there.

The run started about 8:30 am. The tree cover was so thick that my Garmin was unable to locate satellites to track me this time. That’s never happened before! But, the trees were really very lovely and I welcomed the shade they provided.  More than half of the run was under lovely shade trees – many of them pines, their needles padding the ground nicely under our feet. It was lush and green on today’s path most of the way — moss on the trees, wildflowers in shades of purple, yellow, white and a lovely deep orange dotting the hillsides. There were fallen trees to climb over, puddles to splash through and lots of climbing and descending.  It was a short run, but a rather challenging one! I definitely got a good workout and could be heard breathing heavily many times! Whew!

I met some new running pals. The entire group stopped to climb Stack Rock once we arrived at it (about 4 miles into the run) and we posed for many pictures. It was a lot of fun! I will definitely join the Boise Y Striders again in the future!

Stats (based on what I heard others saying at the end who had the Garmin 310 XT which has a stronger satellite lock than my 305) — 8 miles. 1:35 time. Elevation Gain???? I wish I knew, but it was challenging – I’d have to guess 2000 or more most of which was several thousand feet above where I normally run and breathe down around 1600+ feet. I’d guess the start elevation was around 6,000 ft. or more.

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