Testing the Sore Arch and Ankle

I turned my right ankle at Big Horn – not bad enough for it to swell or be serious – but enough that it was sore during the race and afterwards.  It wasn’t a problem on my 50 miler last week, though I did come home from that with my right arch feeling a bit achy. Yesterday’s 9 miler on the path that had been basically “tilled” brought out the worst in both my right ankle and my right arch.  The path looked and felt like a farmer’s field after a good tilling – super loose dirt and a plethora of various sized rocks – just waiting to turn an ankle. It was slow-going and the effort was much greater than when the path is packed down and firm.  In the last 4.5 miles, once Wayne had caught up with me, I decided to just stick with him for the remainder of the run — which turned out to be a walk after that point. Wayne was having pain in his knees and since my arch and ankle weren’t feeling very well, we just walked the remainder of the miles side-by-side.

The pain got worse after we returned home. The pain was sharp and I was walking with a limp.  Wayne took me to Wal Mart and I bought some sports tape to support the area and hopefully lessen the pain.  It helped, but it still throbbed even after a couple of ibuprofin and a couple hours of putting it up. I was concerned.

Though I’d survived my 10+ hours at Big Horn feeling strong and had felt fairly good since my 50 miles last week with Ryan, I think my body really had taken a beating in the past two weeks and needed some rest.  I laid down to read Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich while the family played in the pool last night and before I knew it, my husband was waking me up a few hours later. I had some dinner and again headed up to the bed to read, read a few chapters and fell into a deep sleep that I didn’t stir from until about 11 am this morning. I think I got about 15 or more total hours of sleep in all! I always say the body knows what the body needs and apparently sleep was what my body needed.

I woke up feeling refreshed and really good.  My arch wasn’t hurting, but I left the tape on, just to be on the safe side. After a quick breakfast, I headed out into the 85 degree July day with the lunchtime sun beating down upon me.  There was a little breeze and it cheered my heart.

I ran conservatively – easily, just letting the body do what it needed to do as I tested out the ankle and the arch. After the first mile, I settled back and let the pace slide down to a comfy 10:30 ish range. I’d intended to run just one mile, turn around and head back, but I was feeling pretty good, the farmers I was passing were slowly driving their tractors along, creating hay bales and I watched with interest an activity I’ve witnessed a thousand times, smiling and enjoying the pleasure of the moment. I breathed deeply as I passed the peppermint fields. The powerful scent enveloping me with it’s deliciousness as thoughts of candy canes and minty gum danced in my head. 😉

It was hot! I got thirsty and headed back home, under the harsh sun — feeling grateful that my foot seemed just fine and savoring the thought that this was a long weekend and I could do it all again tomorrow if I chose! Ahh — summer!

Stats: 3.39 miles. 10:35 pace. 35:54 time. Ave HR: 165. Max HR: 186. Best pace: 8:20. 85 degrees. Sunny. Light breeze.  Mile 1 – 11:50, Mile 2 – 10:28,  Mile 3 – 10:01, last .39 – 9:10. It’s funny how my runs are nearly always progressive ones. I think it shows how much my tight hamstrings need that first mile to warm up and loosen up a bit and gradually they stretch out and I find my stride and relax into it. The effort always feels about the same, but the pace always increases as I go (as long as it’s not 50 miles!) hahaha!

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