Tio Lane Group Run

Today I’d planned a group run with some of my local running pals. There’s a path  called Tio Lane I’ve been  to several times in my town that meanders right next to Lake Lowell along a dirt road. It’s really lovely and we often spot wildlife along the way and enjoy the views of the nearby farms and wide open, blue, southern Idaho skies.  I’d invited about 20 pals to join me on a little run there today.

Unfortunately, the path had been graded or whatever you call it when some type of farm machinery stirs up the dirt and rocks and leaves them nearly impossible to run on.  It was like running in sand, your feet pushing deep into the dusty road, ankles twisting and turning on the many loose rocks.  Oh dear! What have they done to my lovely, runnable path?!

Happily, the group made the best of it and lots of fun conversations and animal sightings were had my all! I spotted several cute bunnies and even got some photos! I enjoyed catching up with many of my friends and enjoying the dawning of a new day with such a positive, fun group of fit people! Well done everyone! I promise to choose a firmer path for our next adventure!

9.31 miles. 15:03 pace. 2:20 time. Ave HR: 139. Felt: Soreness in my right ankle that I twisted a bit at Big Horn. I think the rugged terrain today was just a bit much for it.

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