Testing the Legs

I felt it was time to see how my legs felt when I pushed them a little.  It’s warm out today – 69 degrees and the sun is high in the sky. But, it felt good to test out the legs a bit and see how my recovery is going.  I haven’t felt sore in days when taking stairs or walking around, but as soon as I kicked up the pace a bit, I did feel it in my calves, glutes and my right arch. Still a bit sore in those areas.

2.01 mile run.  9:43 – mile 1 as I warmed up. 8:55 mile 2 as I found my groove a bit. The last bit was 6:54 as I finished up.  Average pace: 9:19.  Ave HR: 156.  Felt: Sore, but good.

Cool Down:

I’ve come to realize that when my mind is happy, my body is happy. Music seems to bring out the best in me. I listened to music on the run today and also for the cool-down. I find that Dancing Queen and Kool and the Gang’s Celebration are much more fun when you add a few dance moves (even if the neighbors look at you funny!) 😀

1 mile. 17:26 pace. HR Ave: 129. Felt: Happy

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