Windy, Rainy Bike Ride

I decided to give the legs a day of rest from running and pulled out my $15 purple, mountain bike and decided to take it for a little ride in the rain today. I love the rain! My first run with Bertha was in the rain, I ran my first marathon in the rain and the Oregon Coast (my favorite place in the world) is practically always rainy when I’m there. Everything’s more still and at peace when it’s raining. There are less people out. The air is filled with that moist, fresh sweetness you only get to enjoy during a rain shower.

I rode through the countryside today, breathing deeply of the mint and hay fields and peddling faster when I passed the dairy farms! Phew!!!! If the smell of cow poo won’t make a girl ride faster, I don’t know what will!

It felt good to hit 13 miles on the bike. I think I’ll have to start riding it a bit more. That was fun. Now, I’m muddy, wet and ready to get back to my day-to-day activities with the kids.

Stats: 13 miles on the bike. 11.4 mph average speed. 16.4 mph max speed. 1 hour 8 min – total time. Average heart rate: 132. Max heart rate: 151. Elevation Gain: 37 (flat!) Felt: Good

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